TTC details

For those who want to share the gifts of Ashtanga Vinyasa practice with others,

Teachers training courses are offered, in two levels,

Level 1: Primary series,

Level 2: Secondary series.

Interested applicant should have practiced with Vijay before, and need to be practicing the whole sequence in respect with the level they apply. 
Students will be allowed to sign up for Secondary series training depending upon their abilities, and only after successfully completing the level 1 course.

Course details:

  • Building the personal practice while learning the importance and benefits of incorporating “Trishtana” with the asanas.
  • Learning each asana in detail along with the techniques and counts to teach an asana to students with varying abilities.
  • Ways to help students in the practice through Adjustments.
  • Learning various important tips to practice and Teach Vinyasa and asanas easily
  • Classes on Pranayama (non retention)
  • Classes on Yoga Sutra
  • Many other Important aspects will be taught during the course depending on the students acceptability. 

The duration of level 1 course is 4 weeks, and for level 2 course is 3 weeks

Next batch for level 1 starts on the first of FEB 2019

Level 2 training : Middle of MARCH 2019

Interested practitioners those who have or are practicing with Vijay can apply for the course from August 2018.