About Vijay


Myself Vijay, I started practicing Yoga at an early age and started learning asanas under my brother Vinay and mother's guidance. After few years of assisting in Vinay's classes. In 2005 as the result of my enthusiasm, I traveled to China and taught at many places for several years. I practice the Advanced ‘B’ series of ashtanga vinyasa, and have a yoga shala where I continue to learn, and share the same... I have accepted Ishwara pranidhana as my main practice - Vijaya Kumar

"I should say that Vijay has been a great friend of mine through this journey. I admire the interest and dedication he possesses in the field of Yoga. I am not surprised by his accomplishment of knowledge in the practice and his capacity to guide people, as it is a result of the way in which he has walked in life. If his day is checked upon, one can witness him either in asana practice or in a meditating status most of the time. He is one among those people who stay close to the spirit of the being. I can call him a sadhaka who deserves the experience of the highest bliss in the yogic path. I am proud to call him as my brother"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Vinay kumar